Project Description CMS - it is fast and easy way to start and maintain professional web site. Developed with web pages (razor syntax) it is great for WebMatrix developers. Very easy to setup and modify. You can change any existing page layout to work with in few minutes !!!

Visit for more videos, templates, etc.

Developed by Chicago Web Design -

Get Started
- Download latest version from CodePlex
- UnZip the package
- Open it in WebMatrix
- Run site and it should work :)
- Go to to access control panel (default user: "admin", pwd: "razorc")

- Themes – 3 themes are included. You can create new one in minutes. Additional FREE templates for razorC are available here : FREE razorC templates
- Control panel to manage pages and widgets
- Automatic backups of widgets and pages
- CSS & Layout Editor
- SQL Server compact edition
- TinyMCE editor to write / edit content
- Ajax file browser
- Simple Menu helper

Working on:
- FAQ add-on
- Free new layouts/templates

To give you an idea of what you can do with, check the sites below:

- Laser Hair Removal
- Auto Insurance
- Handzel Open
- Granite New Jersey
- US Granite Countertops
- Home remodeling Naperville

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