WebMatrix 2 compatible version of RazorC

Sep 4, 2012 at 4:42 AM

Wonder if you plan to release a built for webMatrix 2 version of RazorC anytime soon.  I reloaded my PC and when I installed WebMatrix using the WebPlatform Installer it isntall WebMatrix 2.  I think it is still considered beta but it seems to be the default one that is available from MS now.  I downloaded the latest source for RazorC (Aug 18th, marked 1.0.6), opened in WebMatrix 2 and ran into some issues getting it to work.  I haven't tried out everything yet but to get any of the default skins to work I had to create a copy of the _rcDefaultBody.cshtml file and rename it to match the skins.  There probably is a better way of handling this but since the error I got was file not found I took that path. 


Sep 4, 2012 at 5:30 PM

You should use ver. 1.0.5 and you can use it with webmatrix 2 without any problems. OPen webmatrix tool go to app gallery search for razorC and click install.

It will load latest version available to public. Waiting with the 1.0.6 version for the asp.net web pages 2.0 (now it is still RC, not sure when they will have final version).

If you want to use web pages 2.0 delete all dlls first and then load new ones - will work just fine. From what i can remember new webmatrix will ask you if you want to upgrade to version 2.0, so that is other way how you can upgrade.

Ver. 1.0.6 will have some changes to defualt file and to rcadmin (so you will be able to simply replace the old files with the new one when they are fully tested and available to public). It will be available here under downloads and later via windows web app. gallery