Another Simple Menu Question

May 6, 2016 at 10:38 PM
I saw another Simple Menu question [ Wiki Link: [discussion:641603 ] but it does not seem to address mine. I want to be able to use the package "as-is", but I would like to implement one more level or menu items; that is drop-down > fly-out. That would be, conceptually with 2 embedded "un-ordered lists", I believe. I saw that the GUI for the menu does not allow the creation of a "child" with "grandparents"---it only goes 1-level deep. How would I go about making it ready for 3 instead? That would be a top-level drop-down, a 2nd-tier fly-out, and finally a third-tier page item.

Isn't 3 levels sort of "standard" for these type of menus?



An example of the 3-level sort can be found here "live" HERE
May 7, 2016 at 5:24 PM
Let me start from saying i will not write the code for you, just give you idea what you need to do.

1) in rcadmin/simplemenu.cshtml find
var parentItems = data.Where(d=>d.smParentId==0);
this filters records so it shows only top menu items, so remove the where part.
var parentItems = data

2) next go to app_code/rchelpers.cshtml and modify code there, so it creates the html the way you need.

IF THIS IS TOO complicated for you, the other option is to create html widget and paste your html menu code there. So, in control panel click widgets>create widget , in template select html and name it my-menu or whatever you want. This way you can still edit it online (by editing the html of thay my-menu widget)

then in your layout page (rcLayouts folder) edit the page and create new section for menu like @RenderSection("rcMenu", false)

on every page include my-menu widget in that section

you may remove @rcHelpers.SimpleMenu(className: "nav navbar-nav navbar-left", id: "rcSimpleMenu") - if you decide create the new section for menu...